The Horned God and The Devil

Many people think of Wicca as a new religion.  Some people don’t consider it a religion at all.  Others accuse or point out that being a witch is worshipping the devil.  They tend to rather brainwashed into not even allowing my argument that the devil character of their church does not exist in the list of deities that I believe in.  Truly, when your god follows the path of plant magic, and apparently followed it long before stopping to co-create the Caucasian race with his brothers, its a no brainer to do the same.

Nowadays, scientists are realizing that plant magic is actually breakthrough medical technology.  Using the vascular systems of plants, feeding them blood and depositing cells onto their surface, medical researchers have created organs from leafy greens like spinach.  Watch this amazing video on creating a human heart from spinach tissue.  There is no need to be conducting cruel animal testing experiments any longer.

For those following who are unfamiliar with the Scandinavian creation story, I will sum it up quickly; Odin, Vili and Ve decided to make a male and female from two trees and bring them to life.  The saying Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust can be traced to the usage of the Ash tree for Ask (the male) in contrast to the mud or clay used in the creation of Adam (Yahweh and Shekinah’s male human).  Embla (the female) is figured to be constructed of Elm but some theories indicate she could have also been a product of a Birch tree, since Berka symbolizes fertility. If you aren’t Christian you could also read the Biblical story of Adam and Eve quite differently.  A rib is a flat bottomed boat made of wood.

As for horns being an indication of evil intent….well, it seems pretty clear after reading the Havamal, Poetic or Prose Eddas that horns were a symbol of masculinity, not demonic behavior.  While some historians argue Viking warrior helmets did not sport horns, Thor and his brothers are described as having them.  Many a modern Viking raises a horn filled with drink for a toast.  Is it stretching the imagination to consider ancient Scandinavians constructed their head hear to hold their drinking cups as a practical way to honor their gods? After all, these seafaring warrior farmers sailed the seas with not only weaponry aboard but beard trimming utensils, soap and hair lightening herbs to attract the ladies.

Thor, his father being a sun god or Aesir and his mother being an Earth Giant Goddess inherited the title and responsibility of God of Midgard.  The red bearded god has recently made a comeback in popularity due to Marvel’s movies and a rise in paganism and celebrating the old gods and goddesses.  Is the god who travelled in a chariot (car) by goats the goat footed god feared by priests?  Is there a reason people associate lightning with the devil?  Does Thor still exist and are his feet cloven hooves?

The Greek god Pan was cloven hooved, with horns but regular hands for playing the pan pipes.  The Celtic god of the forest Cernunnos also sported large ram horns, though is not always depicted with goat like feet.  Scientists now believe that swamp living caused some mammals to develop split toes that are present today in deer, goats and sheep; while harder ground caused horses and cattle to have solid hooves. Who are we to judge the biological traits of gods that existed prior to humanity?

Learning, seeking, discovering, testing, asking, refuting and trying are the key ingredients to gaining wisdom.  Removing prejudices, assumptions, fear and false notions will allow you to experience what you come across with more clarity.  Form your own decisions.  Think for yourself.  Be true to the ideals you hold dear.  Hel is not a fiery pit of punishment for disobedience, but a goddess to be respected that rules over the dead and one who fell for the beautiful Baldur, son of Odin, Prince of Light.

Life is all around us.  All creatures have emotions, family, desires, dreams. Even the elements contain energy.  Allow yourself to become in tune to these nonhuman forces, to let them teach you new things.  Have respect for the world you live in; understand how your actions impact the planet, no matter how insignificant you view yourself to be or how important.











Wonders of Water

Staying on the water theme, I thought I would introduce a simple, little spell that takes very little effort but illustrates the power of water spirits.

Take a dark colored bowl and fill it with water from a natural source that is clean.  You will need a pen or marker and piece of paper.  Also gather some Wild Sweet Clover (this usually grows along ditches or hiways); just a handful will do.  You will need some sand – also only a handful – and a small rock or coin that “speaks” to you.

When the moon rises in the sky find a place where you can sit your bowl so that the moonlight reflects in the water.  Using the  hand you normally DO NOT write with, write down your name.  Place your paper in the water, nameside up.  Working counterclockwise, sprinkle the paper first with clover petals and then sand.  Finally, place your “token” item in the middle.  Its okay if it sinks the paper.

When the sun begins to rise you must remove the water from the bowl carefully, so as not to rip the paper.  Take your token and use it as a paperweight to keep it from blowing away.  You must place your soggy piece of paper in direct sunlight and leave it until it is dry.  Offer the water to any thirsting plants nearby.

If you want to link your message to others doing the same spell. Chant the following, while you are preparing the paper: I am looking for a clue/A mirror in the sea/For time is merely water/Reflecting back at me.  What does linking involve?  Its an indirect invitation to expand your circle to these people who have attempted what you are doing, that’s all.  Some people like to have more folks in their circles – the ripple effect and all that.

You may send me pictures of the images and I will give you my nonbiased opinion of what it looks like to me.  You should get a feeling what the blurry image is trying to say to you, but if you don’t understand its fine to ask others what they see.  Good luck!


Its all good

Water.  Plants aren’t the only ones dependent upon it.  Though we don’t absorb this life source the way our green counterparts do, we really should make an effort to allow ourselves to understand thirst.  This doesn’t mean make yourself thirsty!  Our modern lifestyles have taken a natural element away from us by trying to make it more easily available.  Taps bring us water.  Until we turn on the taps though, we do not see the water and the addition of chlorine masks the natural smell of the water.  Hunger can often be a mask of thirst as well – if we are dehydrated, we may accidentally believe we are hungry, but our body is just trying to find a source of water.

Be around rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes, ponds, seas and oceans.  Don’t just drive by. Stop and intentionally spend time touching, feeling, tasting and dipping in it.  Water heals and it begins the moment you begin interacting with it.  Remember stagnant water holds onto things, like algae and bacteria, so you don’t want to gulp in any pond or puddle water.  Running water is cleaner and usually colder, especially in colder climates.  Ironically, running water does not freeze. Let the wisdom of this necessary sustenance help you reflect on life as easily as it reflects your image when you gaze down upon it.



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